Establishing trust

Blockchain powered eco-structures

Transactions of all kinds, such as the transfer and billing of data, have an enormous and increasing volume worldwide. The associated contract and technical systems are correspondingly complex and prone to errors. Blockchain technology, whose core characteristics are decentralization, transparency and immutability, can create trust in these processes without needing an intermediary. Blockchain provides a jointly managed, distributed ledger that simplifies the processes of recording transactions and monitoring any asset of a network and makes it transparent to ensure process integrity.

Blockchain at Deutsche Telekom

The Blockchain Group at Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) pursues two directions in its activities. First, blockchain technologies are examined to develop solutions for Deutsche Telekom’s operational challenges. A concrete example of this is wholesale roaming, for which a prototype for creating and signing contracts was implemented jointly with other operators, thus laying the foundation for the Telco Blockchain Lab.

Blockchain as infrastructure in the Internet of Things

The second focus is on the use of blockchain as infrastructure, e.g. in the Internet of Things (IoT). In the project MESH (Managed Ecosystem of Super-distributed Hashes) a Blockchain Operating Stack is developed with ståx, which provides interfaces for the technology- independent development of blockchain applications and thus significantly simplifies and accelerates them. BLITZ! as a security feature of MESH ensures the security of IoT devices by detecting anomalies in data traffic. T-Labs demonstrates a decentralized ecosystem for IoT, based on MESH, with the pilot of the e-mobility platform xRide. Thanks to blockchain technologies, this open ecosystem offers a variety of advantages, such as immediate onboarding of users and sharing of authentication information from the customers, without the need to query sensitive data; it also ensures seamless legitimation processes or lower transaction fees through micropayments.

Andreas Sommerwerk
Andreas Sommerwerk