Block by block: trust has to be established. Blockchain is here to disrupt the world and shape a decentralized economy.

Blockchain at T-Labs

Blockchain deals with the process of dissolving centers and distributing authority or data among multiple players. Corporations and individuals alike have recognized the immense potential of distributed ledger technologies, which allow decentralization. The Blockchain Group focuses on creating value for Deutsche Telekom and their customers by offering the technologies of tomorrow, today – building on the expertise and experience of a reputable international global player.
T-Labs’ Blockchain team concentrates on learning, experimenting and driving further the distributed ledger technologies, exploring various use cases: from IoT to identity management and furthermore to various smart contracts applicability scenarios. There are vast opportunities across industries and T-Labs targets to provide valuable solutions within the telecommunications sector to internal and external stakeholders. These can be dedicated to automated interconnection payments between telecommunication providers or distributed apps to disintermediate common business structures.

HashstaX – The future of blockchain for business

With hashstaX, businesses focus solely on deploying end-to-end business use cases by building apps on the hashstaX Operating Stack. It empowers the creation of functionalities agnostically of the underlying blockchain technology. hashstaX enables to build business apps without being confined to the technological boundaries of one type of blockchain. Moreover, with its unique plug-and-play replacements & combinations the customer can use the desired blockchain technologies without even touching a line of code. T-Labs offers on premise and cloud-based solutions managed by the T-Labs or self-managed. In this way, customers are in full control of the blockchain apps.

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk
Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk