Smart City


Developing the ecosystem of a future city using innovative solutions for a sustainable, digital society.

Together with its partners inside and outside of the Deutsche Telekom Group, T-Labs are developing innovative, sustainable solutions for the towns and communities of tomorrow.

In the face of globalization, climate change, finite resources, demographic changes and the global growth in population, measures have to be taken in a variety of disciplines to enable humanity to survive long-term on our planet. Currently, a trend similar to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things can be observed as the ecosystem for cities develops into a “Smart City”, where information and communications technology lead to the city being digitalized. In the “City 4.0” intelligent street lights provide access to the Internet via WiFi or record environmental data. New mobility solutions permit intermodal traffic and digital parking assistants optimize the search for a parking space. An open, urban IT platform exploits increased digital efficiency to transform cities into “Smart Cities”.

Today’s rather technical, economic view, especially for the current business models on which it is based, is now to be extended by a social and sustainable ecological component. Instead of the patchy digitalization of a city, focusing above all on cost-savings, we want to think holistically and sustainably, leading us to a “Smart City x.0”, which puts people and nature at the center.

T-Labs Smart City Lab takes up this approach so as to design the ecosystem for a community of tomorrow with parallel activities that are linked together.

  • T-Labs are participating in lighthouse projects such as the EU project called mySMARTLife. In doing so we are getting to know the requirements and needs of the cities and customers, and are developing innovative approaches working together with them.
  • T-Labs are active in various organizations and committees, such as DIN, helping to define standards which are relevant to the smart city.
  • In the Smart City Lab, T-Labs are developing an open, interoperable test environment to investigate innovative solutions together with strategic partners.
  • The results from these activities are validated with potential Deutsche Telekom customers and their feedback is then used for improvements and ongoing development.

Apart from the close internal cooperation within the Deutsche Telekom Group, the Smart City Lab is working together with selected companies and universities in joint research and development projects.

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Joachim Schonowski
Joachim Schonowski