Academia as a Service

Knowledge grounded Innovation

Research Cooperation

T-Labs is responsible for organizing cooperations with universities to develop innovative technical solutions for the near and long-term future.

  • Scientific excellence for Deutsche Telekom
  • Access to international talents & experts
  • Scientific network for the exploration of new topics
  • Ensuring visibility of Deutsche Telekom innovations to shareholders & the public

Research Cooperation Service

  • Provision of “research as a service” within the T&I division & Deutsche Telekom on the basis of direct collaboration with stakeholders
  • Sound specialist knowledge in all administrative aspects for applied research
  • Supervision of the entire life cycle of the scientific cooperation
  • Methodological skills for public-private partnerships

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Funding Office

Around 1990, Deutsche Telekom started working together with leading technological partners, research institutions, and universities in national and EU research funding programs. In this time, the Funding Office has become a central point of contact for the entire T&I division and the entire Group. In addition to its advisory and support work, the Funding Office also ensures transparency and an overview of current Deutsche Telekom involvement in funding projects. The collaborations cover promising areas that are relevant to Telekom (such as 5G, IoT, or SmartCity) and make use of the researchers’ cooperation across disciplinary and state borders. T-Labs can utilize these activities to generate effective impetus for the further development of networks and services and help establish promising topics at Deutsche Telekom.

Funding Office Service

Provision of advisory and supervision services for the entire life cycle of public funding projects

  • Monitoring of calls for proposal
  • Central point of contact for content-based, administrative questions when submitting applications on a national and European level
  • Methodological skills in terms of tools, reporting, documentation, and calculation of funds
  • Contract management with the involvement of the Deutsche Telekom Legal Affairs department

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Riccardo Pascotto
Riccardo Pascotto