Technology Exploration

Exploring the Future with Technology Exploration at Deutsche Telekom.

As digital technologies rapidly advance, Deutsche Telekom stands at the forefront of an industry-wide transformation. Central to our strategic vision is the integration of artificial intelligence technologies, which is becoming increasingly vital for telecom providers. It presents a crucial impetus for us to adapt our business models and undertake a comprehensive reevaluation of our network architecture. Embracing these challenges head-on, we are pioneering a future where our infrastructure meets the escalating demands of our customers with agility and resilience. Our Technology Exploration tribe research on AI-driven solutions that promise enhanced efficiency, predictive maintenance, and personalized customer experiences.

Our current research focus areas are :

  • Network Innovation: Collaborating with DT network architects and setting global targets to pioneer network innovation, we are defining future research trajectories and fostering partnerships with academic and research communities.
  • High-Performance Backbone: We’re engineering a robust backbone layer designed for dynamic computing allocation and integrating advanced services to elevate our cloud infrastructure.
  • Digital Twin Robotics: Implementing 5G-enabled virtualization of autonomous mobile robots and environments, we’re enhancing network monitoring capabilities and running simulations to refine AMR operations.
  • Media Technology Advancements: Pushing the boundaries with newest AI technologies for efficient compression, instantaneous 3D asset animation, we are evaluating its telecom network impact and pioneering neural network-based media compression methodologies.

Our progress is fueled by:

  • Collaborative research with academic and industrial leaders to anticipate and shape the future of telecom services.
  • Testing and evaluation in both controlled and real-world environments
  • Active participation in standardization bodies and industrial consortia
  • Strategic alliances with internal and external stakeholders

At Deutsche Telekom’s Technology Exploration tribe, we’re not just adapting to the future—we’re actively defining it with AI as a cornerstone of our innovation strategy. Join us in this journey to a smarter, more connected world.

Thomas Buchholz
Thomas Buchholz