Research Cooperation

Connecting academia and industry for impactful innovation.

T-Labs serves as a trusted bridge between academia and business, facilitating fast access to scientific innovation and R&D. Our global partnerships foster co-creation initiatives, while supporting talent recruitment and ongoing education.

KEY PARTNERS include universities, research institutes, start-ups and industrial labs in Europe and beyond. With endowed chairs and project partnerships, Deutsche Telekom actively contributes to commercial projects, technology transfer and innovation marketing.

TU Berlin
Universität Luxemburg
Northeastern University
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
RWTH Aachen
TU München
TU Dresden
selected partners

T-Labs as Enabler

T-Labs assumes the corporate service function for all co-research cooperations and is the interface to Deutsche Telekom’s external innovation ecosystem. In relation to start-ups, T-Labs is closely aligned with hub:raum – the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom.

Within Deutsche Telekom, our FUNDING OFFICE serves a central point for technology partners, research institutions, and universities seeking guidance on national and EU research and innovation funding programs. It monitors calls for proposals, provides assistance with applications, and collaborates closely with the legal department for contract management. With expertise in tools, reporting, and fund calculation, it supports public funded projects throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, it promotes transparency within T-Labs regarding Deutsche Telekom’s funding project involvement.


The MAGENTA CAMPUS TEAM is engaging in design, development and coordination of the cooperation with universities in Germany and Europe. Scientific discourse is encouraged and support is provided in drafting of R&D agreements. Passionate students who thrive on digital innovation and embrace challenges, are cordially invited to join us in reshaping the status quo.


Riccardo Pascotto
Riccardo Pascotto