Research Cooperation

T-Labs as highly preferred partner of the global research community.

Academic partner network for impactful innovation

Active cooperation with universities and academia in general has the goal to turn ideas into action and has been at the heart of T-Labs mission from the  outset. As a trusted connector between academia and business, we provide fast access to scientific innovation and R&D, enable various co-creation formations e.g. Telekom Challenge, 5G Tech-cluster, and support talent recruiting as well as the education of experts with a constant learning mindset.

To ensure transparency of existing cooperation for the whole group, we have established an effective management at T-Labs and we are a key contributor to Deutsche Telekom’s Corporate University strategy for the collaboration with academic partners.

T-Labs as an Enabler

We have created an active research network by using proven tools such as our Funding Office, IT platforms, and our on-demand scouting service of academic competencies and experts for defined topics. With our joint efforts, we contribute to the selection of top global academic partnerships, based on criteria, which are relevant for Academia and business alike, e.g. scientific reputation, content focus and business transferability – starting with the implementation of pilots and the corresponding linking of academic partners and Deutsche Telekom stakeholders.

Together with Deutsche Telekom’s corporate human resources functions, T-Labs’ active promotion of university cooperation also serves to attract talents and strengthens the company’s brand awareness in the R&D community.

We foster this through active exchange via new and attractive interaction formats in the science and startup community and beyond. Additionally, the Research and Cooperation team is in charge of balancing the exploration of current focus and unexpected disruptive topics to provide input to the long-term vision and topic evolution of Deutsche Telekom strategy.

Beyond the university-affiliated institute, T-Labs is bringing experts from Deutsche Telekom together with scientists from a large number of national and international universities and research facilities to develop innovative solutions for the near and long-term future. Our primary partners are:

Technische Universität Berlin (Germany):
Security in Telecommunications, Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Seifert
Service-centric Networking, Prof. Dr. Axel Küpper

Einstein Center Digital Future
Mobile Cloud Computing, Prof. Dr. David Bermbach

CODE University of Applied Sciences (Berlin, Germany),  Prof. Dr. Peter Ruppel
Ben-Gurion-Universität des Negev (Israel), Prof. Dr. Yuval Elovici/Security
Technische Universität Dresden (Germany), Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks, Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank H. P. Fitzek

For contact information please check our team page.

With the aforementioned project partnerships, endowed chairs, and joint ventures on a national and European level, Deutsche Telekom is making an active contribution to the realization of commercial projects, to the transfer of technology, and to innovation marketing.

Funding Office

Within Deutsche Telekom, our Funding Office serves as a central point of contact for technology partners, research institutions, and universities in national and EU research and innovation public funding programs. It monitors calls for proposals and is the place to go for answers to content-based, administrative questions, when submitting applications on a national and European level. The Funding Office has all the necessary methodological skills in terms of tools, reporting, documentation, and calculation of funds and it has a strong collaboration with the legal affairs department which manages any contracts involving Deutsche Telekom. The Funding Office ensures support during the whole lifecycle of a public funded project. In addition to these advisory and support functions, the Funding Office is another actor within T-Labs who ensures transparency and an overview of current Deutsche Telekom involvement in funding projects.

For more information please contact:

Riccardo Pascotto
Riccardo Pascotto