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Experience at T-Labs

The core field Experience is focused on future media technology innovation, such as new user interface concepts for media services, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies or new over the top video delivery technologies, in close co-operation with the different business units of Deutsche Telekom. The role of Experience is to foster Deutsche Telekom’s right to play in the media domain by supporting faster time to market of new media service innovations and building first minimum viable products. The strategic goal is to make Deutsche Telekom the prominent brand for customers to experience smart media environments, integrating and seamlessly bridging home and on the move.
Consumer preferences are changing towards more on-demand consumption of media, with more efficient personalization. Especially traditional Live TV is losing its former preeminence, in particular for younger people, who prefer mobile screens, using “over the top” online video services with their fast innovation cycles.
In order to satisfy the upcoming consumer‘s demands, the Experience Group is currently working on the following main topics:

New concepts for virtual and augmented reality services

  • 5G edge compute cloud based VR/AR service delivery
  • implement advanced VR streaming technologies to enhance Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta VR portal
  • evaluate future media technologies based on 5G and low latency networks such as holographic video or ultra-low latency video coding

Smart user interfaces for future media services

  • adaptive, personalized and context-aware media user interface backed up by artificial intelligence (AI) to bring the right content to the right person, at the right time

Low latency live TV streaming and a future flexible, scalable cloud based production model.

  • radical reduction of the latency in the over the top service delivery from 30 or more seconds to few seconds only, for better customer satisfaction and as a basis for new use cases and business opportunities
  • improve live OTT TV video quality by implementing of new data analytics and deep learning methods, in the content delivery chain.
Ana Butter
Ana Butter