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Integration of virtual reality concepts in cloud-based media services of Deutsche Telekom to improve the user experience

Experiences at T-Labs

The core field Experiences refers to enhancing user interaction with technical systems. Experts work on future media technologies to foster Deutsche Telekom’s position in the media domain. The team supports a quicker time to market and builds Minimum Viable Products (MVP) of new media services. The target is to position Deutsche Telekom as the number one brand for smart media environments. Convenient and exciting media experiences mean seamlessly integrating consumer devices, platforms and networks into smart media environments for the customer, whether at home or on the move.
Consumer preferences are changing towards more on-demand consumption of media, with more efficient personalization. Live TV is losing its former preeminence, especially for younger people, who prefer a mobile screen, using “over the top” online video services with their fast innovation cycles. In order to satisfy the new generation’s demand, T-Labs focuses on smart content aggregation, provision of the desired content on demand and a perfect user experience through a flawless user interface.

Future Media technologies

Experiences specializes in the following streams: virtual reality (VR) concepts, smart user interfaces, AI based media recommendation and personalization, low latency live TV streaming and the future flexible scalable cloud based production model. Experiences develops and evaluates new VR media experiences including interface concepts and advanced VR streaming technologies to enhance the “Magenta VR” portal. The project “Smart UI” is dedicated to the development of an adaptive, personalized and context-aware media user interface backed by artificial intelligence technology.
It provides the customer with the desired content on demand with minimum search efforts. The project EVIC (Enhanced Video in the Cloud) targets a virtualized, modular and highly scalable headend platform that delivers live TV and video streaming with very short delay times and high quality.

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Dr. Randolph Nikutta
Dr. Randolph Nikutta