Future Networks 

Exploring the next generation technologies for telecommunication networks.

The world relies on digital communication more than ever as it continuously pervades all aspects of living, enhancing social life and commerce. Deutsche Telekom’s networks continue to evolve to meet society’s many challenges and provide the best service experience possible. To stay in the lead of technology innovation Deutsche Telekom actively engages in R&D and standardization work, together with distinguished partners from academia and industry.

Integrated communication and sensing – in contrast to dedicated communication and sensing functionalities – can have two advantages: more efficient resource utilization and improved coordination when balancing the performance of these two functions. Deutsche Telekom explores potential benefits for our customers and how this would be delivered efficiently by our network.

The limitations of terrestrial networks in terms of coverage area can be improved by integrating non-terrestrial networks (e.g. satellites). With 5G and beyond such concepts are systematically taken into account. Deutsche Telekom investigates the potential benefits for our customer segments and the underlying architectural options of deployment and operation.

The advance of quantum computing may pose critical threats to the security architecture of today’s communication systems. Deutsche Telekom investigates solutions to make communication quantum-safe in a feasible and scalable manner. Beside advanced cryptography for quantum-safety, there are quantum phenomena that can be exploited for improved networking.

The provision of networks providing tomorrow’s service variety is evolving and may involve partner ecosystems, introducing coordination complexity, yet offering new value opportunities. Deutsche Telekom examines the dynamic developments in this sphere and explores how these proposals may benefit our customers.

Dr. Oliver Holschke
Dr. Oliver Holschke