Generation of new and optimization of existing services based on artificial intelligence methods (Deep Learning and Machine Learning).

Intelligence at T-Labs

Intelligence relates to all aspects of teaching cognitive abilities to machines. The resulting Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as the imitation of human intelligence or intellectual processes by computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning, and automatic correction. AI’s mathematical foundations are recursive statistical procedures, which were originally developed over one hundred years ago.
Bringing the established and emergent technologies of Machine Learning (ML) into fruition in an enterprise context requires answering a broad spectrum of research questions. This reaches from basic mathematical problems to data science and economics. Leaving the hard mathematics to universities, T-Labs focuses on a filling a mid-term pipeline of innovation projects topically centered on the technological delivery system of a telecommunication company. To be specific, the projects deal for instance with forecasting IP traffic in networks, the optimal mapping of ML solutions onto the distributed compute resources in a 5G network, or, innovative self-organization schemes for complex business processes. T-Labs closely collaborates with colleagues in Deutsche Telekom Group to add the best fitting R&D components to a comprehensive value creation based on ML.

AI Foundry

Devised as a laboratory environment for swift and to-the-point first analyses of ML problems, T-Labs’ AI Foundry is in high demand with stakeholders and partners. From investigative data inspection to model building to consulting and schooling – the Foundry is at the customers’ service.

T-Labs offers scalable individual Infrastructure as a Service for advanced Data Analytics and ML in a sandbox. At the same time T-Labs provides an R&D infrastructure to gauge the evolution of current and future technologies, e.g. unsupervised, supervised and deep learning and state-of-the-art virtualization.

Claudia Pohlink
Claudia Pohlink