New Media Experience


Integration of virtual reality concepts in cloud-based media services of Deutsche Telekom to improve the user experience

Deutsche Telekom’s vision for New Media Experience is to integrate existing technologies with currently evolving advanced technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, while making use of deep learning based on artificial intelligence as an important enabler. Convenient and exciting media experience means seamlessly integrating consumer devices, platforms and networks into smart media environments for the customer, whether at home or on the move.

Consumer preferences are changing towards more on-demand consumption of media, with more efficient personalization. Live TV is losing its former preeminence, especially for younger people, who prefer a mobile screen, using “over the top” online video players with their fast innovation cycles.

Telekom Innovation Laboratories’ task here is to foster Deutsche Telekom´s role in the media domain by shortening the time to market for innovative media services, using new technologies to build initial, minimum viable products to extend the business units’ roadmaps.

The T-Labs also deal with concepts of virtual reality (VR), and develop and evaluate innovative user interfaces for VR media as the basis for the portal “Magenta VR” of Deutsche Telekom in Germany. This also included the development of VR/360° demo apps for the Telekom Cup competition with Bayern Munich and three other football teams from the Bundesliga. Current work here is focusing on the evaluation of innovative video streaming methods to improve network efficiency while enhancing the customer experience in next generation Magenta VR services.

Cloud-based user interface streaming is another successful T-Labs innovation. The user interface is no longer generated in the set-top box in the customer’s home but within the Deutsche Telekom cloud. Customers enjoy an improved experience without needing to replace their older, low performance set-top boxes.

T-Labs’ innovative media projects help Deutsche Telekom to increase customer numbers and revenue in the media field. This includes support to migrate the TV and video production chain to the new Deutsche Telekom cloud, and the pan-European network (Pan-Net). T-Labs are also supporting Deutsche Telekom 5G activities as important enabler for new media experiences such as augmented reality.

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Dr. Randolph Nikutta
Dr. Randolph Nikutta